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  This is probably the best human rights video made in the history. For those who do not know, Amnesty International call people to join their movement. The campaign is reaching those who need to raise their voices.

This is from their website: ”And each year, we see results — from obtaining the release of an Azerbaijani blogger jailed for posting on Facebook to winning freedom for a journalist sentenced to hard labor for criticizing the Sri Lankan government. Join the Write #4Rights campaign today.”

Visit their website, help them, spread the word, and enjoy watching this amazing video above!



Twitter launches photo colour filters to battle Instagram, Facebook

I think that is a great idea. Many people on Facebook and Instagram were looking fake enough in the pictures, whereas there was a big contradiction between how they ACTUALLY look in the pictures they uploaded on Twitter. It should have been pretty depressing for those who had to reveal their real physical appearance…

Good news! Now everybody can look fake on Twitter, too! Yay!

From now we will never know how people look like in reality if we do not meet them in person thanks to social media.  

Think you might NOT like it.

 Why..? Why would you be in such a bad video and sing the worst song ever? Especially when you are the leading characters of one of the best movies in American history, Grease, and known worldwide? John Travolta and Olivia Newton disappointed me so much. Only good thing about their work is they still look good and dance in such a cute way.

Ironically, the song is called ”Think you might like it”, no I did not like it. I dislike it so much.

Hospital nurse found dead after taking prank call

 two days ago, I promised not to write anything about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy again. But I just found out the nurse found dead (commited suicide) after the prank call on Middleton’s hospital visit.

Apparently, those DJs who made the joke continued tweeting about the prank by using royalprank until the sad news released. Their show is off-aired temporarily- or maybe permanently.

I assumed that after the prank the nurse could have lost her job. In contrast, she was supported by everyone around her. But the news from all over the world about the prank probably has put so much pressure on her. If the joke was about some random celebrity rather than the royal family of her country, it would not have been so much stressful for her to deal with.

How would you deal with the same kind of situation if you were that nurse? 

Jazz Pianist Dave Brubeck died

 Great musician died a day before his 92nd birthday. He was one of the best talents in this century. 

I love Jazz and feel deeply sad about his death now. Rest in Peace Brubeck.

My favourite Jazz song among his works was the one called A la Turk, since it was inspired from Turkish rhythms. Here it is:

Kate Middleton Hospital Prank: Nurse Fooled By Radio Show Into Divulging Duchess’ Details


It is so lovely to know that Kate Middleton will be having a baby. But dear Media, this is not the biggest news in the world! Why are you constantly writing about it?

But still, I cannot deny that the hospital prank idea from an Australian radio station was hillarious. For the first and the last time I will be posting about Middleton’s pregnancy, just because I found this joke pretty funny.

Having a bad day? Watch those people struggling and appreciate your life

 I know, it is Monday. Probably you are not in a great mood but there are other people out there not having the best day either. At least appreciate that you are not dealing with what they are going through… :)

Some Tumblr Accounts Appear To Be Hacked


The best way to get away from the danger is to stay away from tumblr for the time being, says the person who posts this on tumblr ironically. :) but seriously, be careful!

5 Things to Know Before Taking Out a Student Loan

  Graduating college with debts is something almost every American young professional has to face with nowadays. But do you know that there are important things to consider about before taking out a student loan?

I did not know, because I cannot take loans anyway! :(

Here is the article to get to know what five things are before taking out a student loan:

5 Ways to Avoid Delayed Flights

I love travelling, but it is always annoying to find out your flight is delayed when you get to the airport. Wasting more hours on waiting for the delayed flight is pretty disturbing. Luckily, my favourite travel blogger Peter Greenberg from CBS gives some tips to avoid delays and siruptions.